Surveillance Software

There are many different types of surveillance software available online for many different surveillance software applications. Its important to investigate the potential of incorporating software into your security camera system that will allow for people tracking and more. Due to the constraints on the system, multiple options of software must be researched in order to have an idea of what is needed and which company could serve you best. Different software options that were reviewed are discussed in the following sections.

Surveillance Software Sample List

VeriLook Surveillance 2.0 SDK

VeriLook Surveillance is made by Neurotechnology, which is a company that provides algorithms and software development products for biometric recognition, computer based vision (Socha,Rebekah K.Student author — MGE and others 2011)20
and object recognition to security companies, system integrators, and hardware manufacturers. Neurotechnology has more than 2,500 system integrators in over 100 countries to install the company’s technology.

VeriLook Surveillance SDK is software that performs facial recognition on high resolution security cameras with live video streams. This software is for passive biometric identification which is defined as when people pass by the cameras without making any attempts to be recognized. Some possible uses include: law enforcement, security, attendance control, visitor counting, and other commercial applications. Applications of the software are compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. VeriLook Surveillance 2.0 SDK is the latest version of the software and has features such as: real time performance, multiple face tracking, automatic operation, large surveillance software systems support, and video file processing.

For facial recognition accuracy, VeriLook depends on the quality of the facial image. One recommendation when using VeriLook is to have similar quality cameras. It is also recommended that the distance between the eyes for a face on a video stream at least 40 pixels in order to perform a face template extraction. Direct frontal or diffused light is preferred because it allows an equal lighting distribution on all sides of the face. VeriLook Surveillance 2.0 SDK costs about $1,200 for the software. Licenses also need to be bought for each unit that the software is used on. If we are operating 34 different buses each license will cost about $280.


Vizualize Limited is a Hong Kong based company that develops software that allows businesses to count and track customers as well as watch product interactions in order to manage queues more effectively. Of the software that the company develops there are two that could be utilized for bus passenger origin and destination counting across the Santa Fe Trails Bus system.

The first software offered is IntelliCount. IntelliCount is designed to use cameras to count individuals moving in any direction across a specified field. The program can have multiple count points from the same screen and use up to nine cameras per server. This program could be applied to the bus doors and count the passengers entering and exiting the bus at each stop.

The second software offered is 3IRD-3D infra-red people counting software. This software is similar to IntelliCount, but has a few unique features. When a person is recognized through this software they are labeled as a solid colored form allowing a person to be easily tracked throughout the bus, and their route to be determined. Passengers are colored a separate shade in order to preserve their anonymity. Also 3IRD-3D imaging technology performs better than IntelliCount in low light situations.

Both of these software’s can be tied into a third product known as VisitorTrends. VisitorTrends compiles the data collected from the software and creates interactive charts and diagrams allowing the company to organize and visualize their data. This data can be exported to other programs like Microsoft Excel, or leading Business Intelligence applications.

Rhonda Software

Another company we found that may be able to provide the necessary software is Rhonda Software. This company focuses strictly on software that can be integrated into nearly any camera surveillance software system, to help with the tracking and recognizing of human beings. Looking at all of their products, one that looked to be the best option was the PTZ camera software, that enables people tracking on a moving camera. This would be best Rhonda software in our case, because the cameras on all buses will have moving backgrounds when en route. Moving backgrounds can cause complication in people tracking because cameras will accidentally track the background instead of the people.


RouteMatch is a software company that integrates all the different bus systems into a computer program. The software collects the data and is capable of producing reports to determine efficiency and passenger ridership information. Santa Fe Trails is in current contract with RouteMatch to incorporate their system software for the fixed routes. A The Ride vehicles all have Ranger units that track the vehicle location, give turn by turn directions to the next destination and can send messages to the drivers from the dispatch office. Santa Fe Trails will be using RouteMatch to incorporate the GPS of the buses into their system and take passenger counts using an automatic passenger counter.