Application Lifecycle Management

Business and technology executives and IT managers are being asked to do more with less. Maintenance of legacy systems and current technology support consumes vast amounts of a typical enterprise IT budget, leaving few resources to develop new standards-based, adaptive applications that meet the core needs of the business.  So how can you measure the real value of IT, and how can you ensure that it helps you effectively run your business? Your core business and your IT departments must unite, and your software initiatives must deliver measurable business benefits. To help achieve this, a common application lifecycle management solution is needed to help you track, balance, and communicate the systems that are being created to effectively run your business

Application Lifecycle Management Solutions

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions that scale from individual teams to globally distributed enterprises, including solutions for:
• Requirements Definition and Management
• Agile Development
• Development Management
• Release Management
• Change and Configuration Management
• Issue and Defect Management

HP Application Lifecycle Management

The largest application refresh of the decade is now taking place as enterprises seek to cut costs, improve business agility and most importantly turn adversity into advantage by acting boldly in these tough economic conditions.  With HP’s business-centric and quality-driven approach to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), we help customers through the application modernization process by providing the solutions to managing the complete application lifecycle, while increasing quality, reducing risk and doing more with less.

HP’s approach to ALM builds upon the application fundamentals of quality, performance and security, by taking a broader, more holistic approach to the application lifecycle that focuses on driving better business outcomes.

Key points

  • Enterprises seek to cut costs, improve business agility and turn adversity into advantage by acting boldly in these tough economic conditions.
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is helping customers achieve these three goals.
  • HP’s ALM builds upon a solid portfolio of quality, performance and security solutions that drives better business outcomes.


  1. The linkage between Application Modernization (AM) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  2. The HP view to Application Lifecycle Management (business needs vs. development needs)
  3. The 3 HP software solutions (Quality, Performance and Application Security Centers) contribute to ALM, thus to business outcomes.